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We enjoy custom-made, collectible pool and billiard cues and are always looking to buy, sell, or trade to further our own collecting interests. We have over 20 years experience collecting custom made cues, and we are happy to showcase works from some of the best makers....past and present.

Each year we try to attend some of the premier industry events such as the Derby City Classic and Super Billiards Expo. If you love pool and custom cues, both venues are definitely worth the trip. We have included links for these events on our Links page. If you are ever there, feel free to stop by, introduce yourself, and talk cues.  We love meeting fellow "cue addicts".

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

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New Arrivals

**New product, Gator J/B Tips**
New Treadway classic w/ burl
New Gilbert J/B cues
Barry Szamboti (2 cues available)

Last updated 8/13/16

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We look forward to seeing old friends and new acquaintances at the upcoming  Derby City Classic & Super Billiards Expo events.


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